WhatsApp brought together 4 features, now you can send 100 files at once

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Meta Company, has simultaneously launched four new features. WhatsApp has introduced all three features for Android users.

With this, now users can send up to 100 files at a time. Until now, there is a system that can send a maximum of 30 files through WhatsApp.

Along with the feature that can send up to 100 files simultaneously, the other three new features that WhatsApp has brought together are Mayagambhalat Abutshyaal, Yilanbhach Nachaygau Kagadavabhaatak Balam Mabhakachashutshyalak, and Bakhabbatbachak. If you also want to use these new features on WhatsApp, then you have to update WhatsApp on your smartphone.

There is no word on when these features will be available for iOS users.

With the new update, users can now write a caption when sharing a document on WhatsApp. Previously, there was an option to write captions only with photos and videos on WhatsApp. Similarly, previously only short captions could be written in the media file, but now long captions can also be written. In the caption, you can give complete information about the file you are about to share.

WhatsApp has also introduced the avatar sticker feature with the new update. Along with this, the user will get 36 types of stickers to edit the avatar. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also said to be working on another new feature.

With the release of the feature, users will be able to send photos from WhatsApp in original quality. That is, when the recipient downloads the photos sent from WhatsApp, their actual quality will not decrease. Currently, WhatsApp compresses the file before sending photos.

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