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Total Solar Eclipse 2024: How to watch online for free

While the total solar eclipse won’t be visible to those living in Nepal, here are a few ways you can tune into and watch the once in a lifetime event online.

A total solar eclipse is going to take place tomorrow where the Moon will completely cover the Sun when passing in front of it. The once-in-a-lifetime event will be visible to those living in the United States, Canada and Mexico, it will happen between 9:28 PM April 8 and 2:33 AM April NST.Every year, there will be at least two to five solar eclipses, but total eclipses only happen about once every 18 months or so, with a particular spot on Earth witnessing a total solar eclipse only once in 400 years. And since around 70 per cent of the Earth is underwater and half the land is uninhabitable, it is quite rare for a lot of people to witness a total solar eclipse.

How to watch the total solar eclipse online for free?

While the solar eclipse won’t be visible to skywatchers in Nepal, a partial eclipse can be witnessed by those who live in Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Ireland, Portal, Iceland, the United Kingdom and some Caribbean countries. In case you are interested in watching the total solar eclipse, you can tune in to NASA’s live stream using the link below. The stream will be live from 10:45 PM NST on April 8 and end at 1:45 AM NST on April 9.

If you want to have multiple views of the total solar eclipse, check out the live stream hosted by the McDonald Observatory in Texas. It features telescope views of the eclipse from the observatory, Lake Buchanan and Irving alongside other locations. It will also have conversations with experts from NASA and elsewhere.